Interview Tips: 3 Smart Ways to Answer “Why Should We Hire You?”

Posted by | August 20, 2016 | careers

By Selipha Kihagi

In a job interview in Kenya, it is very common for a candidate to encounter this interview question. In the case you do not get this exact one, the alternatives include, Why do you think you are the best candidate? Why are you the right fit for the position or the other one; what value would you bring to this position? These three interview questions are another way for recruiters and employers to ask “Why should we hire you?”

So, whichever format of the question you encounter, this interview question is meant to give you a platform to make your case. You may ace all the other interview questions, but if you are not sure or do not convince employers on why they should hire you instead of the other suitably qualified candidates, then you are ruining your chances. Find out in this article top interview questions & answers in Kenya.

Why is this Interview Question important?

Before you mouth whatever answer that comes to mind, you must first understand what interviewers want to learn about you through this question. Ask yourself, why is this question important in the job interview? What do the interviewers want to know? Your answers to these two questions should lean towards you marketing yourself for the position.

At this point, employers already know that you are qualified to do the job, but the question is; can you convince them you are the best? Below are 3 ways you can convince interviewers about your suitability through the question, why should we hire you?

3 Interview Answers to the question: Why Should We Hire You?

1. Emphasize that you meet all the requirements for the position

Interviewers will ask questions to see if you meet the requirements stated on your CV and if truly, you possess what the position wants. So, your answer could focus on a specific skill that was emphasized in the job description. For example;

“As I was going through the advert for this position, I realized that you were very specific on finding a candidate with FMCG sales experience. From my CV, you can see that I have 3 years sales experience working in Company X, which is in the FMCG industry but I believe what makes me stand out from the rest is my great people skills. Through this I can easily develop and maintain new relationships with colleagues, clients and even senior managers in my delivery process, which I believe would bring great value.”

2. Focus on your years of experience

The most important aspect of a new position is usually the experience. Employers have confirmed in a survey here that they will almost always give priority to candidates who have the experience they are looking for. Why? Employers don’t want to use a lot of time training new employees. So, if you have relevant experience, here is a sample answer;

“Well, I possess the 5 years accounting experience that you are looking for in this particular role, evidence of various achievements from my previous positions and expertise in using different accounting software. Also, from working in a very interactive environment in my most recent position, I developed great communication skills that will allow me to adapt quickly to a new environment and start contributing immediately.”

3. For new graduates, focus on your interest for the job

As a fresh graduate whose only experience lies in the industrial attachment you had in campus or the volunteer roles you picked up, focus on showcasing your confidence and interest in the role. When you don’t have much experience, being confident in the little you got will go a long way. Use this sample answer as a guide;

“When I was looking through the job posting, I noticed that you were very particular about someone with great communication skills. While I may be new to the job market and this particular industry, I worked as a receptionist and customer service representative during my industrial attachment where I was able to successfully interact with customers and clients.

I also tactfully responded to customer complaints, earning me congratulatory messages from my direct supervisor. I believe that this experience, my passion in customer service and attitude to excel in whatever I set my mind to makes me a great asset to your company.”

You may not have the experience but if you confidently gave such an answer, I doubt any interviewer would be hesitant to hire you. If these answers are not what you are looking for, this short video guide here gives you a guideline on what to remember when answering this question.

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Selipha is the Communications Officer at Corporate Staffing Services, a leading recruitment firm that offers free job placement and Career Advisory Services.