How To Write A Cover Letter For A Customer Service Job

Posted by | August 1, 2016 | careers

Applying to jobs can be a tedious process, especially because you need to write a Cover Letter for each and every job you apply for.

Most job seekers in Kenya let the frustrations of their tedious job applications get to them, and for this reason they end up making mistakes that cost them the jobs.

These candidates do not even realize they made a mistake in their cover letter during the application, until someone points it out to them and this is very rare.

To avoid such situations that could lead to a series of frustrations, it is always important to take your time when drafting the cover letter.

Why? Because the cover letter tells the story that your 2 or 3 page CV couldn’t.

Customer Service Job Sample Cover Letter

“Your Name Here”
P.O Box 66600 – 20200

30th July, 2015

The Human Resource Manager
XYZ Company Limited
P.O Box 000 – 00100
Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Application For The Position Of Customer Service Executive

I am writing in regards to the Customer Service Executive opening at your company. I believe my 4 years’ experience working as a customer service agent has provided me with the problem solving skills and great interpersonal communication skills you are looking for in this position.

In addition to my degree in Business Administration, I have received training in customer relations management, leadership skills and I am currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in Information Management, all of which will come in handy when dealing with difficult clients and coming up with effective organizational policies.

Working at XYZ Company, I was also responsible for handling telephone calls coming in and out of the organization, dealing directly with clients on behalf of my manager and keeping record of major official documents. I believe this experience has given me the skills you are looking for and makes me the best candidate for this job.

Attached is my CV for your review. I look forward to an interview where we can discuss my qualifications further and the value I will be adding to your company.

Yours Sincerely,
“Name Here”

If you are sending your application directly to the recruiting officer and can tell what gender they are just from their email, be specific and address them with their names or as Dear Sir or Dear Madam, not both.

The person receiving your email may be offended or think your cover letter as just another application among hundreds you have sent out and not consider you.