Cover Letter/Resume Sample for Administrative Officer

John Karl
Box 33, Mambassa
Nairobi, Kenya
[email protected]


Mr. Steve Manu
Human Resource Manager
ACCU Computers
Brain Street Lane
Nairobi, Kenya

Dear Mr. Steve Manu:

I am a highly qualified Bachelor of Administration student from Maseno University with ten years extensive work in the field of Administration. I am applying to the effect of the position of Administrative Officer as advertised on your official website, the 20th of April, 2013.

During my ten years experience in my recent workplace, I have developed a strong organization and time management skills which is one of your job description as an Administrative Officer. I have extensively supported staff in managing their files and documents, collecting and analyzing reports and graph chart the results and administering databases with file system.

Furthermore, I am strong minded and have the capability to multitask and work under immense pressure. I am also a fast learner with ability to use Microsoft Office latest editions. I have demonstrated in my recent job a keen interested in taking initiative and work collaboratively in a team with great ambition to succeed.

I am excited with the prospects available at your reputable company and ready to meet you to further discuss my qualification and experience.

Thank you for reading through my application and looking for to a scheduled interview date


[Your Name]

Career Path and Job Description of an Administrative Officer

Administrative Officer supports the running of an office. Administrative Officers mostly are the first point of contact to a Manager. They are involved in initial documentation of letters, greeting of clients and represent the Company as Directors of First Impression. Administrators therefore provide a valuable skills set to any organization. Administrative Officers always follow administrative procedures and co-ordinate activities in the office.

To become an Administrator of a firm, one must obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies or Higher National Diploma in Secretaryship. Administrative Officers don’t need an advanced degree to get a job.

The purpose of Administrative Officers is to free their superiors and perform their duties with minimum supervision. Such a position requires coordination and communicating with their superiors.

You require special skills as an administrator.

  • Exceptional communication and human-relation skills
  • Top organizational skills and ability to use file system
  • Must be committed to the organization and interested in public service
  • Should be a team player.  For supportive outcomes
  • Ready to accept criticism and work to resolve them
  • Must be seen as a person who can be trusted.

The title given to an Administrative Officer ranges. These includes

  • Administrative Officer
  • Admissions Executive
  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Office Manager
  • Requirements Officer

As an Administrative Officer, you are faced with high responsibility. These include:

  • Managing the resources available to the organization
  • Scheduling meeting on behalf of the Managers. Also provides support services during meetings
  • Occasional meeting with staff to remind staff of company policies
  • Keep letter and file system in a safe place
  • Reminds the Manager of the company of scheduled meetings.
  • Attend meetings to take minutes of discussion.
  • Will be responsible for procurement and supplies, maintains inventory and supervision of staff performing these functions
  • Must be a fast typist. Excellent knowledge in spreadsheet especially Microsoft word
  • Maintenance of personnel and fiscal records. Sometimes keep financial records on behalf of the company.