Cover Letter/Résumé Sample for Economist

Box 22, Avame East

Mambossa, Nairobi



Mr. Steve Barbs

Human Resource Manager

World Bank


Re: Economist

Following your recent advertisement for job position of an Economist, I wish to put in my application. I hold an advanced degree in Economist from Cambridge University with five year working experience at Ecobank as a Senior Economist.

Most of my job description at Ecobank was in the area of analyzing and interpreting complex financial and numeric information, strategic analysis on economic policies, explaining research methodology and justifying conclusion drawn from research data and predicting economic trends using complex data algorithm

I possess excellent time management, analytical and verbal communication skills with high self-confidence and awareness. I am time conscious with exceptional enthusiasm to research and be up to date with economic trends and policies.

I am excited with the prospects of working with the World Bank in building a mutual career. I am ready and looking forward to discussing the position with your outfit at your convenience.


Sincerely Yours

Der Mark

Enclosure: Resume


Career Development Path of an Economists

Economists use analytical concepts to provide policies that will help improve living standards. Economists work in financial institution, government sector, higher institution and companies. Economist depend on graph and statistics as indicators to discover trends and analyse data. Their job is based on global trends and their effects on daily activities.

To become an Economist, one must study relevant courses such as Economics and Social Science during College and a degree in Economics, Statistics and Social Science during Undergraduate Studies. A Master’s degree in Economics is more respected even in Sub Saharan Africa.  A vital ingredient for all Economists is Mathematics to predict trends. Modern trend Economics is based on using statistics or software to explain a theory and present a fact. These facts are presented in the form of pie charts, bar charts and histogram.

An Economists is an excellent researcher with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You must also have the capacity to analyze data and predict trends. Prediction of such trend should have an effect on global policies. To be a good Economists, one must be accurate and self-reliant especially in research. An Economists should be able to present data that should be easily understood. He must be ready to accept criticism when outcome predictions are wrong.

In this global trend, Economist play vital roles in

  • Providing economic advise with recommended policies
  • Analyzing data especially economic figures for interpretation
  • Given economic reason for daily routine of government and possible hardships
  • Economists must also understand various sampling techniques especially for conducting quick polls and research. Emerging sampling techniques must also be studied.
  • Economists must be good in Microsoft packages especially excel. Data analyses and research conclusion are mainly drawn from such packages
  • Monitoring economic issues and introduce policies to improve standard of living
  • Economists are also task by most Governmental agencies to study the economic hubs and their impact on nations.
  • Boosting investor confidence by showing them clear cut measures on economics gains of their investments.