Cover Letter/Resume Sample for a French Teacher

M.B Box 555

Nairobi, Kenya




Mr. Albert Tokki

Human Resource Manager

Nana International School


Re: French Teacher

I have read in the local newspaper for the position of a French Teacher which has become vacant in Nana International School. Please find attached my resume for your consideration

I hold a Bachelor of Education degree from Kenyatta University with a major in French. After completing my National Service in 2002, I worked with Seamasi International School for seven years as a French Teacher. My hard work and dedication to academic excellence resulted in my greatest achievement as the best French Teacher in Kenya, basic division.

Attached to my high academic excellence is my communication and interpersonal relationship with my students. My relationship with students exceeds beyond the classroom. I often check on my students to see their progress during higher education or even at home. I have also made myself approachable for academic reasons.

With regard to this position, I am excited about the prospects of teaching at Nana International School and adding my quota in promoting the famous motto of the school “rise above the mark.” I look forward to a scheduled interview date to further discuss my qualification and capabilities with your outfit.


Yours faithfully

Del Labs

Enclosure: Resume and Certificates

Career Development Path of a French Teacher

One of the exciting prospects as a Teacher is the area of French. French is a language known worldwide because of the International barrier it covers.  A French Teacher can teach in Kindergarten, College University, Early Childhood Education and Senior High School Education.

To be qualified as a French Teacher, one must be very good in languages especially Literature and grammar. At Undergraduate level, one must study Bachelor of Arts Degree with French as a major. A Master’s degree in International Relations or French will be an added advantage.

According to latest ranking of languages, French is ranked as the second most influential and frequently used language in the world. Though most graduates frown on teaching, teaching French can be exciting especially due to occasional prospects of travelling. A French professional most of the time has added language skills such as Swahili, German and English.

As a professional French teacher, one must encourage their students to speak French as a hobby.

French teachers can also enroll in professional certificates such as Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE), School-Centered Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) and School Direct Certificate.

French Teachers can work in the classroom, lecture in the University and International Organization as a language interpreter

Possible job description of a French Teacher includes but not limited to:

  • Impacting knowledge
  • Delivering quality teaching by preparing good lesson notes
  • Researching on diverse ways of teaching French. What teaching practice will interest a student to learn French
  • Participating in sectional meetings and school training programmes
  • Maintaining and moderating students behavior during class hours and applying corrective measures when student misbehaves
  • Undertake staff development programme especially in French to be better informed about new trends
  • Should be able to use multi-pronged approach in teaching and learning. This is done by using audio-visual medium of teaching. Quicker efficiency is facilitated when medium such as audio and video is adopted in teaching and learning.
  • First-rate French teachers always make sure their student pass examinations. A French teacher should also instill speaking of the language into their students.