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3 Deadly Signs You Are In the Wrong Job & What to Do About It

Posted by | January 29, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth,
Have you ever found yourself terrified at the thought of reporting to work on Monday? Who doesn’t…right?

But unfortunately there are Kenyans who chose the wrong career move and cannot seem to find a way out.

Could there be signs that the job is not meant for you and how do you get yourself out of that position?

Nick Mutuma, a Human Resource Consultant at Virtual HR says that unemployment in the country is to blame for such predicaments.

“Being jobless will most likely to drive you into desperation, consequently forcing you to settle for a job you don’t want,” he says.

“Some people do their work for the sake of money as they have nothing that motivates them,” he adds.

Mr Mutuma also blames Corruption and nepotism as one of the reasons why people are stuck in the wrong job.

“Kenyans nowadays do rely on their connections for jobs and once they get the chance, they are likely to take it for granted,” he opines.

So what solutions does he offer to those who are stuck in the wrong careers?

“For starters, you can opt for integrating other career options rather than just abandoning your present one,” he advises.

According to Mr Mutuma, how to improve your present situation will depend on the organization you are working for.

For instance, your dream career is being an accountant, yet you find that your current job is restricted to teaching. A good idea is to consider taking accounting classes and in that way you can easily incorporate the two.

“If you want to fully advance your career, why not start furthering your education in order to stay competitive in the job market?” he poses.

Secondly, Mr. Mutuma says that it is imperative in your career to pursue what you like.

“Being stuck in a job that is not up to your expectation will demotivate you and you are prone to be unproductive most of the time,” he warns.

“Always follow your passion and do what you are comfortable at. Pick alternative ways to begin your career,” he says.

He adds that, “If you have interest in a certain career, find ways to explore it further.”

On his parting shot, Mr. Mutuma cautions against lacking proper objectives and aims when looking for a job.

“Take time to reevaluate yourself and examine what you need in a job.” he says.

Don’t just work for the sake of money because it is probably one of the reasons you lack direction in your job,” he concludes.