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4 Body Language Mistakes To Avoid In An Interview

Posted by | June 10, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

You probably learnt Body language as part of your Communication Skills class, but if you were a typical student then I believe attention escaped you once your lecturer started listing the Dos and Donts.

As a job seeker, you will have to revisit the Body Language issue.

Why Body Language Is Important During An Interview

According to Perminus Wainaina, a Recruitment Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, both your
words and your behaviour will affect whether you establish a connection with the interviewer.

“When you meet the potential employer or human resources officer, you will want to show that you
are confident, trusting, open, attentive, and eager, but restrained,” says Wainaina in his book, Smart

So, What Body Language Mistakes Must You Avoid In A Job Interview?

1. You must never fold your hands
This is to mean that your hands should be open at all times. While you meet the potential employer,
for example, have an open palm showing you are ready for a hand shake. This shows your openness
and readiness for a conversation.

2. You must avoid leaning back
While some people may think leaning all the way back on your chair is a good thing, it is not! You
never know what chair you will be sitting in during the interview.

Leaning all the way back in a slanty chair will give you a slouching posture, communicating to your
potential employer that you are bored or not interested in the interview. Instead, lean in to show

3. You must not let your eyes wonder
Most times when in an interview, you are bound to be anxious and nervous which may cause you to
look away from the interviewer. This will make you lose focus.

Eye contact is important, but then again do not look at your interviewer straight in the eyes for too
long, instead alternate by looking to his/her side, within face range.

4. Don’t Drop The smile
I’m not saying you keep grinning throughout your interview, that will confuse your interviewer, I’m
saying make an effort to smile. Some people try to look serious but instead make out a frown.

The interviewer may be distracted by the frown appearance trying to understand if your mad, sad or
just have a frown face. A smile goes a long way in communicating confidence.