4 Cover Letter Writing Tips That Will Get You Short Listed For Interviews

Posted by | October 5, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Susan Gitonga,

Imagine walking into restaurant and you ask for a fatty piece of meat, only to be brought a bowl full of soup. Imagine the flat taste and the disappointment that would stay with you. Well, that’s how a C.V. without a Cover Letter often feels to an employer.

The reality of the matter is that you are not the only person applying for that job you so desire. So many other candidates are interested in the same position.

The secret is to wow the employer in whichever way we can so that we can proudly walk away with our dream job. C.V’s are shareable and many people copy and paste good ones from Google but no one can write a Cover letter that resembles yours, because your story is unique. Your experiences are personal to you and this is where we can score highly and land a job!

While some employers don’t necessarily require you to send your cover letter, for the life of you spare 10 minutes and write one. Here’s why:

1. It’s the only chance you have to impress your employer.

A C.V. follows a format; it’s brief and very direct. But a Cover letter allows you to talk about yourself in a charming and attractive way that compels your employer to want to meet you in person. Use good English, write boldly and with confidence. Be creative. Don’t write what every other candidate copies and pastes from Google. Be authentic and original. Let the employer interact with your C.V. on a personal level.

Therefore be real, personal and professional.

2. You are able to tell your employer how you intend to contribute to his/her Company.

Employers are always looking for new ideas and contributions that foster good, beneficial change to their company. This is where you tell them about your unique skills; provide links to work you have done if it’s available.

Provide the employer with a situation you handled at work, the actions you came up with and the results you achieved e.g. a time when there was accumulated work load that needed to be cleared like old files/ documents and how you came up with an easy system, that saw everyone cooperate and successfully clear that mountain task!

Tell them what you are going to bring to the table also; they’ll want to have you!

3.  It’s your time to sell yourself!

Talk about your accomplishments; blow your own horn a little. Let your employer know why they should stop what they are doing and ask for a face to face meeting. Mention that role you faithfully served in, talk about that excellence reward you received, or that employer of the year title you carried in your previous job. Talk about being a head girl/ head boy if you’re freshly out of school! Simply talk about yourself.

4. It places you above other applicants

Many people don’t take Cover letters seriously. They rush through them or simply fail to write. Attaching your beautifully written Cover letter will definitely be an added advantage when it comes to short listing. Remember you told the employer about personal experiences and accomplishments. He/she will fell like they already know you and will have you shortlisted.

A Cover letter is a representation of you. It is your mini-biography. Have one with you as you apply. It makes all the difference alongside your good C.V. While a good C.V. is a must, a good Cover letter is no exception. We have seen why. You must stand out from the rest. The position you are applying for might only be requiring one person. Therefore, impress the employer with your Cover letter. It’s the most unique aspect of you he/she will interact with.