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4 Documents You MUST Stop Attaching On Your Job Application

Posted by | April 9, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth

For any job seeker, it can be frustrating to keep applying for jobs and still get no invites for an interview. The assumption most applicants have is that they did not qualify for the job.

Well, it turns out that you might be sending the wrong documents that in turn thwart your employment chances.

According to Justus Ngetich, a Recruitment Account Manager at Corporate Staffing Services, the only important documents to attach are your CV and cover letter.

“Any other additional documents can be attached only on request,” he says.

In respect to that, these documents are not worth attaching so if you avoid them the better.

Documents To Avoid In Your Job Application

1. Academic/ Transcript Certifications
While it is understandable that you may be asked to verify your academic performance in an interview, a job application process is somehow different.

Unless you were formally requested in the job description, do not attach them in the job application.

2. Copies Of Irrelevant Certificates
We get it that you may have been a head boy while in high school or the chairman of a youth foundation in your area.

There is absolutely no need to attach the award or certificates you acquired in these positions.

It is very unlikely that you may be requested to attach these documents because they may not be applicable to the job you are applying for.

3.Avoid Attaching Your Photo In A Job Application
Some applicants for some unknown reasons may find it necessary to send their photos.

It is just a bad idea and not only does it make you look naive and unprofessional, but it raises questions about why you would want people to see your photo!

Unless you are applying for a model or actor job, do not send your photo. However, a specific job can ask for a recent photo to accompany your cover letter, CV and salary history.

Remember that your main aim is to look professional by convincing the interviewer that you are the best candidate for the job.

4.Copy of Your Identification Card
This is a very crucial document and in most cases, you will be asked to carry it in the interview. In this regard,there is no need to attach it in the job application.

When attaching the crucial documents for an application, remember that the interviewer has thousands of applications to shortlist. The more you make his or her work easier, the better.

Be sure to upload or send all the requested supporting documents as requested in the job listing.