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4 Most Effective Times To Job Search

Posted by | July 10, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

Job searching has never been an easy thing to do (for most people). For some job seekers, it has become some kind of nightmare and it fills their days with a lot of frustration and self doubt.

“I have been job searching for 3 straight years now and to be honest, I have lost all hope of ever getting one,”says Jedidah Chebet via email.

Did you know that there is a job seeking season? A time when getting jobs is easier and less frustrating? Well, there are seasons for job seeking; both high and low.

4 Easiest Times To Job search

1. When companies are doing massive layoffs
Normally,when companies have had massive layoffs, there is a possibility that they will advertise for vacant positions. In order to remain in the know, you need to keep track of the companies through their websites and social media platforms in order to know the most effective times to apply for the jobs.

Do not be like the regular job seeker who waits for jobs to be advertised so as to apply. Be proactive and send in your applications days or even months in advance. However, you need to remember to keep making follow ups, do not just send applications and then forget about it.

2. After the national budget has been read
What most job seekers do not know is that, after the national budget has been read, there are job vacancies shortly after. This is mostly in government institutions and parastatals. They sometimes recruit at this time because they now know what funds are available to them.

In order to land these jobs, you have to keep a very close watch on local news and government websites. This will enable you to apply early for any job and increase your chances of being shortlisted.

3. When companies are re-branding or opening new branches
You will stand a better chance of landing a job in a company when it is launching a new branch. This is because new personnel will be needed to run operations.

The knowledge of this will also not come to you by magic;you have to keep track of the companies you are interested in working for either on their websites or social media platforms.

4. The beginning of a financial year
Every company has a different start to their financial year. While company A may be starting their year in May, company B may be starting in September. This is because companies are usually looking to expand and you will stand a better chance of getting a job when you apply at the very beginning or towards the end of a financial year.

Be a proactive job seeker who understands the job market. Remember to keep yourself as up to date as possible in order to have an edge over other job seekers out there.

Wishing you all the best in your ‘smart’ job search.