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4 Successful Ways To Follow Up After A Job Interview

Posted by | June 19, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Sera Kazungu

“It is really frustrating that it is now three weeks after my interview and I have received no feedback from my interviewers. They should have even called me and told me I had been unsuccessful. The uncertainty is killing me,”says Yvonne Magwi in an email.

This situation is not exclusive to her. Many job seekers face the same frustrations. What is the right way to follow up on such issues without being perceived as pushy or annoying?

According to Sheila Cheptoo,a recruitment officer at corporate staffing services, aggressive follow ups that are done more than once or twice, tend to annoy the interviewers and depict you as being too desperate.

The following are three follow up techniques that you need to master in order to get feedback from an interview.

How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

1. How To Follow Up Through Emails
Send out an email first to thank your interviewer a few minutes after you leave their office. Apart from making you feel better, it will earn you points with the interviewer. This way, you will have created a rapport with them on a non-official way.

An email a week later, it will look responsible and professional when you send a sincere and subtle emailing requesting to be told what the outcome of your interview was, whether good or bad. Do not send multiple emails, send one and patiently wait for a reply.

2. How To Follow Up Through A Phone Call
Most job seekers prefer to call after the interview. This is not advisable. Wait a while before you decide to make that phone call. Do not attempt to call when you have not tried emailing first. When the emails go unanswered, you can resort to making that phone call.

One phone call recommended as subsequent calls will make you be perceived as being pushy or annoying. Try to be as polite as possible on the call and get as much information as you require so as to avoid having to call back again.

3. Following Up In Person
As much as you will be desperate to hear back, try as much as possible not to harass the interviewer by always showing up at their office. This should be as a last resort when emails and phone calls do not yield any responses or results.

Potential employers might sometimes change their minds about hiring you. Let’s face it, no one wants to work with an impatient and desperate person.
Keep yourself composed. No matter how badly you want the job, do not in any way seem like you are forcing the employer to hire you.

These are simple tips that will get you the feedback that you yearn for in an interview.