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4 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Job Application

Posted by | March 30, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

A good application will always attract an employer. However, there are mistakes job seekers make during the application process that see them fail to get an interview. No matter how perfect your CV might be, these job application mistakes will never get you a job.

1. Making an application on the deadline date.

How many times have you put off making a job application because the deadline is due in one month? If you think making an application close to the deadline date makes you more visible to the HR Manager, you have got it all wrong.

Kenyan employers process job applications as they come in or in other words, on a rolling basis. What happens if they find the qualified candidates within two days? Your application becomes null.

“To ensure that you stand a chance of being shortlisted, apply as soon as you become aware of the advert. This will work in your favor should an employer start processing applicants as they receive them,” says Perminus Wainaina, the Lead Recruitment Manager at Corporate Staffing Services with over ten years experience in human resource management

The importance of this, as he says, is that you stand a chance to beat the competition and get ahead of the crowd that waits for the last minute.

2. Leaving questions is something you are doing wrong with your job application

This is common with IT, Accounting and Engineering professionals. Such careers usually require extra certifications apart from the degree or diploma. If you have extra certifications ensure that you indicate an edition and/or level of proficiency.

For example, as an accountant indicating just CPA in your CV leaves questions such as which section have you attained. Instead, indicate the level of your qualification such as CPA Section 4.

Most times a Human resource manager will not have the time to contact you and clarify such information.

3. Adding Irrelevant responsibilities in your CV

A huge mistake job seekers make is thinking that adding more responsibilities on your CV makes you a better candidate. In real sense, you are giving the HR manager a hard time trying to figure out whether you can perform the duties of the job.

Ensure that your responsibilities add value. What purpose do they serve? Will the employer be impressed because this is what they are looking for? Asking such questions before you include a responsibility makes it easier for you. Read through your CV and remove anything that does not add value to your application.

4. Ignoring instructions in the Job ad

All jobs posted on Career Point Kenya have instructions on how to apply. As a job seeker you should be keen. For example, if a company asks for a 3 page CV, send exactly that and not a five–page CV because you feel that you haven’t communicated your worth.

If the application requires you to fill in a form, do not leave any question unanswered since it is an important factor in your job application. Doing such mistakes sends a message that you cannot follow instructions and no matter how amazing your CV is you lose that opportunity.

Before hitting send, ensure that your job application does not have the above mistakes.