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5 CV Sections That Sell Your Job Application To HR

Posted by | December 10, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Elizabeth Benu

“My CV does not attract employers at all. So far no interviews or regrets from employers. Are there parts of my CV that I should highlight more than others?” asks Maureen Ringa in an email.

The process is the same: Sending the perfect CV and getting no feedback. If you want to break this cycle and land a job, Melody Mwendwa, a certified CV Writer at Corporate Staffing Services insists on giving your all when writing out the following sections:

Contact Details
This information should always be indicated so that an employer can contact you to schedule an interview or inquire further about your qualifications or interest in the job.

Be sure to include your names, email address and two phone numbers (most preferably the daytime number plus that of a close friend/relative).

For example:
Jane the Job seeker
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 0744858585/ 0777636363

Failure to include this gives the impression that you are not keen or interested in the job.

Key Professional Skills and Competencies
This enables HR Manager to know what you will bring to their company. It boils down to selling yourself and demonstrating how competent and capable you are of handling the job.

Such skills can either be transferable (can easily be adapted to a different field), Job- related (relevant to a specific job) or adaptive skills (personality traits).

Examples of transferable and job related skills include: communication, team work, problem solving, flexibility and computer skills. Working well under pressure, integrity and ethical values are examples of adaptive skills.

Example of how to list your skills:

  • Proficient in Ms-Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher, Outlook ,Access, Internet, basic installation &maintenance
  • Detail oriented and flexible

Job Title and Company Name sell your CV to the HR

As Ms. Mwendwa reveals, many candidates do not include their job title or company name. This is very important for the Human Resource manager. How else will they know who you worked as or who you worked for? This makes you more credible as a candidate.

Include this information as follows: “Database Administrator, ABC Company, Jan 2011-Feb 2014.”

CV Writing Skills: How To Sell Your Application to HR

Duties and Responsibilities
In this section, pick out relevant and important duties and responsibilities as opposed to all the duties. It serves the purpose of showing how your current experience makes you the best candidate.

It should be listed in bullet form.

This CV section sells your CV because there is evidence that you have been working and that you can handle responsibilities.

For example:

  • Processed premium debit/credit notes, member schedules and premium statements.
  • Processed and ensured timely dispatch of membership cards to clients and intermediaries.

Academics and training makes an impression on the candidate’s personality, determination and ability. It shows the HR that you have a desire to succeed and has what it takes to focus on one industry and develop within it as a professional. Your education also shows that you are a job candidate worth investing in.

It should be listed in chronological and clear order starting from the most recent. Ensure you include the years of study and grades obtained.

For example:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration and Microfinance), ongoing, University of ABC
  • Diploma in Banking, XYZ College 2011
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, TTT High School, Grade B+

If you are looking for a job, sell yourself by editing your CV and investing more time in the above sections.