5 Important Career Lessons You Will Learn As You Move Up The Career Ladder

Posted by | January 21, 2017 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Susan Gitonga

Life is a journey and your Career is also going to take a journey of ups, downs, achievements and failures all of which are part of a beautiful career journey.

When you get that first job, you might feel like the most talented and competent person in the whole office but as time goes by you will realize that there’s so much to learn.

As they say, no one has a monopoly of knowledge. There’s always something to learn every day.

Moving up the career ladder will come with so many lessons to learn. You will look back at the person you were when you joined the company as an intern and the person you have become and conclude that you have grown in many ways.

Below are 5 career Lessons You Will Definitely Pick Up As You Go Up The Ladder

1. More responsibility is not a punishment but a promotion

Most certainly. As a child, more work almost meant that you were being punished by not so in the job world.

When more opportunities for you to do more at work come, it’s a sign that you are being trusted to do more tasks.

As an intern or an entry level employee, always be open to opportunities, extra work etc

Your employer will trust you and give you a bigger role, which will eventually come with a bigger salary.

2. During your first days at work, don’t take things personally

In your career journey , you will obviously meet many types of people, some of whom you might cross paths with.

Whatever the case is, don’t take things to heart. Go easy on your colleagues, your employer and supervisors.

Have an open mind and grow with the job.

Endeavor to learn instead.

3. Management Roles Are Not About You

When you get a promotion to manage a team, it’s no longer about you but about the team.

People are the most important asset you have. Listening to their needs and working together as a team will bring more success than the title you hold.

Management is a big role and with the right approach, a lot of success can be achieved.

4. Senior Management is an opportunity for you to climb up higher

At this point of your Career Ladder, you have managed to get into a very senior position.

You can now make great decisions for yourself and the people below you. Don’t fear asking your boss to change a few things here and there. You are next to your Boss in terms of management and your opinions do matter greatly.

If you have new ideas, present them and follow through with them

Your opinions and ideas are needed if the Company should grow upwards!

5. Being a CEO is all about the Businesss and the team

You are the driver of your Bus, and the captain of your ship.

Making the right decisions for your Company will be the most important thing you do for your business.

Have the right team, right systems, management, structures and environment for your people.

All the decisions you make will have a great effect on your business. Consulting your managers and gathering opinions and feedback from your team will steer your team in the right direction.

There’s no end to learning. Embrace all the lessons that come with climbing the Career Ladder.