5 Job Search Etiquette Tips You Should Consider When Job Hunting

Posted by | October 11, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Lilian Wamaitha,

Often you will hear people saying that looking for a job is the job itself.  The main goal of searching for a job is to launch a successful, lucrative career. It is thereby necessary for any job seeker to put in more effort so as not to step on the toes of future employers. Often, in the process of looking for a job, we may find ourselves just focusing on ourselves without minding what effect our actions have on others. We end up forgetting that our reputation surpasses all other things.

In order to succeed in the process of job hunting it is necessary to try and present ourselves in an appropriate manner by adhering to professional social norms.

Below are some key etiquette to observe when searching for a job;

1.  Learn to be polite

In your job search, you will come across events such as networking, career fairs and other related activities that require you to showcase your strengths to potential employers. In this regard, it is advisable to patiently wait for your turn to speak with the hiring manager or recruiters. When your turn comes, politely shake their hands and address them by the proper titles for example Dr, Ms, Mr. and last name unless it’s an informal event. There are times in job-hunting in which assertiveness is important but there is no excuse for not being polite.

2. Don’t be a networking vampire

In the job search process, most of the times you will be required to create networks that can help you climb that career ladder. However, most of us tend to take the networking thing to the extreme.  Believe it or not, people haven’t created LinkedIn accounts just so you can find them and expect them to help you in your job search. Networking is about building relationships and out of these relationships that comes the willingness to help someone secure a job. It is common knowledge that, people are more willing to help when they have established a relationship with someone. On the other hand no one likes to be taken for granted by being asked for more than they can deliver.

3. Don’t be a time waster

Hiring managers and recruiters are all busy people. Don’t be that person who keeps applying to the same job multiple times in the same week in order to keep popping up on the radar. It’s rude! No matter how desperate you are, one application is necessary unless they advertise for the same position again, in which case most will state that people who had applied need not to re-apply. Sometimes job searches take longer than anyone anticipated. You can be sure that if you are the best candidate, you’ll be getting called one time. Don’t allow yourself to be perceived as a pest by frequently demanding communications.

4. Extend your appreciation, and promptly follow up all interviews

As long as job search has existed, most of us are clueless about the importance of following up on an interview. Any hiring manager will tell you that a thank you note is expected by email the same day as the interview, and certainly not longer than the next day. If you promise other information during the interview like samples of your work done, make a point of supplying them. It is simply rude not to follow up and recognize the courtesies that have been extended to you.

5. Carefully choose what to wear

Most professionals are expected to dress officially when going for an interview. Yet there are many settings where business casual is accepted and even expected. If you have any doubt at all, don’t hesitate to inquire of the person who invites you in for the interview. If you are expected to show up dressed one way, and you fail to conform, it will likely be seen as a sign of disrespect. It is also important to research on the company’s culture when it comes to interview dress up. You may get this information from people who already work there.

Everyone you meet during a job search has the potential to make an impact on your professional growth. Any contact could become your next employer or a key networking resource. By following the rules of job search etiquette, you’ll show professionalism and a drive to succeed which are essential qualities for all job seekers.