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5 Salary Negotiation Blunders To Avoid in Your Next Interview

Posted by | December 10, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Elizabeth Benu,

“I have been invited to 5 interviews this year and some few second interviews. Unfortunately, when it gets to the salary negotiation part I fail miserably. In a particular interview, the hiring manager told me that I am an expensive candidate. What should I do during my next interview” writes Hellen Munuhe in an email.

In a recent survey done by Career Point Kenya, a large number of candidates confirm that questions regarding salaries are usually hard for them. In response, here are some of the mistakes you should never commit:

“All salaries are negotiable. “People have this mentality that it is only people in senior positions who can negotiate yet I myself have had to negotiate with people like drivers and cooks. So long as a job is salaried there is always room for negotiation,” says Tom Kamaliki HR Manager at ICAP Kenya.

1. Talking about the money too early in an interview is a salary negotiation mistake
The only time you get to ask about the salary is when you already have a job offer. Asking before gives an impression that you are only interested in the money and not the job.

2. Committing too quickly
The employer said an offer a bit higher than you had expected and you say ‘yes’ right away. Even if you like the offer, request for some time to think about the offer, then if allowed give your answer.

3. Not quantifying your value
During the salary negotiation the employer is looking to understand why you are asking for such an amount of money. Don’t just mention the economy and your experience as the justification. Add some quantifiable achievements such as reducing company revenue and how this could translate to their company.

4. Lack of Confidence
Imagine negotiating a salary with your head bent down and the employer cannot hear what you are saying. Will the employer take you seriously? Lack of confidence shows that your skills are questionable and that you are not sure of what you want or whether your skills are worth it.

Be confident and the employer will respect you.

5. Being confrontational
You already got the job offer and even if you think that their salary is too small for your liking, remain calm. A candidate once stormed out of an interview cursing because the offer was too small. Little did he know that it was just a test. Had he waited and remained calm, it would have ended well.

At such times, remain calm and try to re-negotiate.

As much as salary negotiation is a tricky affair, avoiding these mistakes makes it easier for you.