5 Simple Ways of Making Your Job Search Successful With Minimal Stress

Posted by | October 18, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Lilian Waimaitha,
I know what you’re thinking, it’s impossible to make the job search process less stressful. After all, job searching is not a traditionally fun process. Try asking anyone who is job searching right now and they will tell you what a stressful process it is. Even for those who have jobs already but are trying to make a switch to something else, they are also not spread the stress. Things only become worse since most employers don’t respond to rejected candidates, leaving many hopeful candidates confused and frustrated.

With the stress comes negative energy and frustrations and the constant reminder of increased unemployment levels on the bulletin doesn’t makes things even worse. It makes you feel like that job that you have been waiting for, isn’t coming at all.

In this era, job hunt has become more involved than just picking out a job advert on the paper and sending in that application. There is a need to be more proactive with your search while at the same time keeping your nerves as calm as possible. So how do you go about this difficult process without losing it?

Here are a few tips that can make the job hunt suck less.

1. Compile several CVs

Those days of compiling one general CV that you send in on every application you make are over. It is time to come up with CVs that are geared towards the industry in general. The idea is to have more than five different CVs on your computer. Each of them will have a different focus for instance, accounting of business development. With such industry tailored CVs you can confidently apply for any position that is advertised without much stress.

2. Network

When it comes to job hunting, being a loner is not the kind of character trait you want to possess. We all have contacts, be it of friends you were in school with who have jobs already, family members or other professional contacts you may have come across at one point. Let these contacts know that you are interested in a certain position and it might surprise you how many offers you receive for this. At one point, an opening might come up at a friend’s company which you can apply for.

3. Have professional Social Media Accounts

In this era, you can never underestimate the power of social media. You can reduce the job hunt stress by cultivating a strong online presence. You can create accounting on professional sites like LinkedIn which allows you to be in contact with colleagues and hiring personnel. Your online profile should be as professional as possible and ensure that you check it at least once in a day because you never know when a job opportunity can arise.

4. Contact recruitment firms

With the increased need of jobs, a lot of recruiting agencies have come up. These recruitment agencies go a long way in securing that next job. Your stress will drop significally when you partner with a recruiting agency because they perform most of the work for you. Whenever a position comes up that matches your abilities an interview will be set up immediately. Though you are not guaranteed a job, utilizing a recruitment firm remains a strong support for thousands of professional.

5. Consider Temporary or Part Time Work

Everyone of us dreams of getting a permanent job where you have go an assurance of a salary all through, however, sometimes you find that your dream job is advertised as a temporary or part time position. It is up to you to be flexible in your job search. After all that part time job will give you the necessary experience and contacts you need to secure the permanent job you are yearning for. Therefore instead of stressing about how difficult the job search process is, consider taking that temporary job, who knows, it might just lead you in the right direction.

Finding a new job is usually a challenging process, but it can also present opportunities for memorable stories, discovery, personal and professional growth. And the fun is there too if you dig a little deeper.