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7 Deadly Work Related Stress To Avoid in 2015

Posted by | January 12, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Elizabeth Benu,

Emily Wambui* has a new boss this January. She has been crying everyday because she cannot cope with the new rules. This is stressing her and affecting her productivity.

Emily’s case is just a drop in the ocean of any work related stress every employee faces. Here is a list of the most deadly work related stress to avoid this year.

1.Not taking breaks from work
Most times you can be in a demanding job that gets you busy from the time you get to work until the time you leave.

Peter L. Schnall, MD, an occupational stress expert at the University of California advises that for such jobs, take breaks and move around.

2.Job frustrations
Have you been working too hard yet you receive no credit, raise or a promotion?

Mr. Schnall suggests that you try discussing your career goals with your boss.

“You may not get the rewards you want right away, but you could gain some insight about how to improve your situation—and outlook,” he adds.

3.Feeling alone
This happens when you require help and your boss will not give you and worse yet, you do not have a trusted colleague to vent to.

Work on communicating your needs, both practical and emotional. If you want your boss’s help, be as specific (and persuasive) as possible, and make connecting with co-workers a priority.

4.Demanding and verbally abusive customers
All this happens and you are expected to maintain professionalism no matter how angry you feel.

Asking your boss for advice or additional training on how to handle difficult customers without feeling demoralized is the best way to handle this.

5.Tech addiction
Are you the employee who checks work emails 24/7? This can lead to stress.

To protect yourself from mental and physical strain, learn how to unplug. Set aside time when you turn your electronics off and focus on clearing your head.

You’re exhausted, both physically and emotionally, to the point where it ruins your productivity.

If you’re experiencing severe exhaustion from prolonged work related stress, discuss it with a supervisor and explore whether you can take time off or even a leave of absence.

7.Dictatorial boss
Does your boss insult you, make unreasonable demands or embarrass you in front of colleagues just because he/she can?

If you feel you’re the victim of such a boss, you can try to appease them. Alternatively you can document the behavior and forward your concerns to a superior or HR.

Stress is part of life; but do not let it ruin your year.