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“Should I Apply For Unadvertised Jobs?” HR Advices

Posted by | January 29, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Jane Okoth,

Have you ever been tempted to apply for jobs which have not been advertised? Is it a good move or a terribe one?

This is the kind of dilemma a recent graduate is going through…have a look

“I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce, finance option hoping to secure a well paying career. Since then, I have been applying for many jobs but I have not been gotten any responses so far

I used to check on any available positions advertised in newspapers as well as online vacancies but have never gotten the chance to be invited for an interview. Does it mean that I am not qualified or do not meet the required standards needed by employers?

I have resorted to taking desperate measures. A friend of mine suggested that I should just collect the relevant company contacts and apply for positions whether advertised or not. This he thinks is likely to increase my chances of being hired. If I am to try my new method, how successful will it be?” asks Lilian Maluki in an email.

Speaking to Farayi Ziwsa, the Managing Director of BTL Consulting Limited, he opposes the idea of applying for a job blindly.

“I’m against persons “tarmacking” to ask every business for a job whether they have a published advert or not because I feel that it is like shooting arrows in the dark, trying to hit a miniscule mark,” he affirms.

Mr Ziswa advice to every job seeker is that they should be specific when it comes to jobs as well as identifying the target companies.

“A person must know what they want and target that with all their energy,” he suggests.