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CV Writing Tips: 7 Eye Catching Tactics

Posted by | March 2, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Best CV Writing Tips in Kenya

By Melody Mwendwa

It is becoming more evident that Jobs are hard to come by nowadays.

Are you currently pursuing the art of sending, attaching, and downloading….but still no incoming mail or an invitation for an interview?

If you are that kind of person, it is time to take a bold step and make a first impression and make each application count.

The irony of job hunting is that you might be very good at what you do, but remember Kenyan employers judge you by how well you articulate your skills on your CV and in an interview.

It is time to show them that you’re great at what you do and this is what you can do to gain an edge in this saturated market.

6 CV Writing Tips

1. Ensure that your CV has a consistent font and format throughout, unless you are a graphic artist; avoid “pimping” your CV with drawings and incompatible formats.

2. Remember that a CV is a professional simple document for the Employer and not for your own personal contentment. Therefore, you should avoid mentioning hobbies and activities that do not highlight your career interests.

3. Apply for jobs that match your skills and the needs of the company. Focus on jobs that are in line with what you want to pursue in the long run.

4. Cover letters express an interest in a job, therefore, identify your key achievements at your previous jobs and equate this to what you can offer the new company.

5. Hiring managers want to employ you because they need your skill and expertise and if you fail to highlight what you were able to achieve for the past employer, it makes it difficult for them to hire you.

6. Duties and responsibilities are significant in a CV. However, identify key duties that reflect the position you are applying for as opposed to mentioning all duties and responsibilities.

If you intend to have a career change, seek professional advice. Do not shoot in the dark; understand what this new profession offers. Take up a volunteer position; be curious to find out why certain jobs will not be fit for your skills and education background.

Remember that the market is dynamic; (too many people chasing after very few jobs) make yourself stand out among your peers. Apply for jobs that align well to your interests and never forget to follow your passion!