CV Writing Tips: Irrelevant Details You Should Leave Out

Posted by | August 29, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Writing a CV is hard work and there are no shortcuts. The most important thing to remember when you are writing this document is to convince the recruiter or hiring manager that you are suitable for the job.  With this in mind let us look at the irrelevant details that you should leave out when writing a CV.

Irrelevant Details to Leave Out In a CV

1. Unnecessary information under Personal Details.
Many job applicants make a mistake when they present a CV with a whole list of entries in the personal information section, most of which add no value.

For instance, stating that you are a Kenyan does not need to be stated on the CV. If you are a foreigner applying directly to companies for a job you may indicate this.

There is also no need to write Kiswahili and English as they are the national languages of Kenya. If the job requires for you to be able to communicate in a specific language then follow the instructions on the job advert and tailor you information accordingly. Putting your national ID, Drivers License or Passport number is unnecessary on the CV. Employers who need this will ask you to attach the necessary document.

“Apart from the name, physical address, telephone number and your email address, all other details you include on the personal information section are deemed irrelevant,” Ms Melody Mwendwa, a Professional CV Writer at Corporate Staffing Services says.

The career advisor goes ahead to fault job seekers who include their gender and religion on their CV. Once the recruiter sees your name, he or she will be able to know whether you are a male or female so that you don’t have to mention it again. Again, mentioning your religion or tribe for instance is unadvisable as it is a pointer of bias.

2. Passport Photo
Unless you are applying for a job in the entertainment or an airline industry and part of the instructions is to put a photo, never include a picture of yourself with your CV.

Your photo is likely to convey the wrong message to the recruiter age among other factors that could inadvertently lead to discrimination. There is no need to go to that extent so play it safe and leave the photo off your CV.

3. Irrelevant work experience
The main purpose of your CV is to showcase your skills and experience relevant to the job you are applying for. Your CV is not an autobiography of every job you’ve held since you graduated as it is a marketing document.Want to include all work experience in a CV?

So, unless something you did more in high school will be important in your application, you don’t need to list every irrelevant job or internship you had. It’s totally OK to leave some out of your CV if it will not add any value.

Instead for each former job, think about what you did or achieved that will be required (or will hold significant value) in your next role and showcase it. Before writing a CV, ask yourself these 4 questions

The average recruiter will spend a few seconds reviewing your CV before deciding if it’s worth being considered.
When you only have this limited time to make the right impression, you have to make every word on your CV count.