How I Got An Internship At Standard Media & My Advice To Job Seekers

Posted by | May 26, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Is it your dream to get an internship in a leading media house?

Corporate Staffing recently had a conversation with a former intern at Standard Media and this is her story.

How did you get the internship at Standard

During my 3rd year at university, Standard Media Group advertised positions for interns in the editorial department which several students from our class applied for. Only two of us were shortlisted for the aptitude test which I went through to the interview. Despite the fact that I never got the opportunity, I kept at par with their job openings by creating an account on the Standard recruitment portal. After I graduated, I checked the portal and came across an interns opening which I applied for and emerged successful.

What were your duties?

I was a sub-editor at the editorial, online department where I edited and uploaded stories from the dailies to the main site for online readership. I also collected stories from wire agencies and sent news alerts. Apart from that, I wrote news and feature stories and carried out social media responsibilities. I also liaised with reporters in the field for updates.

Was the internship paid?

Interns are entitled to a monthly allowance.

Having worked in the organization, how best would you best describe it?

A leading media house in East and Central Africa, the Standard Media Group is a place I would recommend for students willing to further their skills in the wider field of language, media and communication.

How would you describe your working environment? What do you have to say about your working conditions?

I worked under an understanding departmental head and colleagues who were willing to go out of their way to help me make the most out of my internship. Working in a digital organization requires more attention to one’s duties yet colleagues were always eager to help me fit in from the initial instance. I worked with a cheerful team of young people who also opened up my career networks.

I used to work five days per week. One would be slotted to work either during the day or on night shifts. On the five work days, two would be day shifts and three night shifts or the other way round. Flexibility was also allowed for those who wanted to make local agreements to exchange shifts.

How did you handle pressure at your workplace if any?

Whenever I had a lot to do, I would come earlier than reporting time or stay late. I also reported to work on my off days to offset workloads and to do private research for my articles.

Would you recommend someone to start an internship at Standard Media Group and why?

For those people pursuing courses related to media and communication, Standard Media Group is the best place you could ever wish to intern. It is a media house I would advise someone to go out of their way to ensure they get to be accepted as interns.

What was most challenging about the internship?

The most challenging incidence about the internship was when I was left alone at the desk while colleagues went for a departmental meeting. Despite the fact that I had gathered enough to handle responsibilities at the desk, I still felt insufficient. At the editorial desk, one can never trust their own judgment. As they say, it always requires the other person to read your work for the mistakes to unearth themselves.

Any advice to management?

Keep up the good work you are doing to offer internship opportunities to job seekers.

What Is Your Advice to Job Seekers Seeking Internship at Standard Group?

It is high time you updated your account at the Standard Recruitment Portal. If you haven’t registered yet, create an account now.

At the Standard Media Group, your cheerful nature will easily blend in with that of your colleagues so that you easily find a second home.