Interview Question & Answers For A Job Promotion

Posted by | July 11, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Over the past, we talked about the interview questions & answers to expect in different positions. This time round, we will guide you on the common interview questions and answers for a job promotion and how to handle them.

Are you that job seeker is who is keen about career growth and looking for an internal promotion? So assume you have seen a position advertised in your current company and you want to apply, how do you go about it?

According to Melody Mwendwa, an interview coach at Corporate Staffing Services, a job promotion interview is different compared to the other interviews because rather than moving to a new company, you are attempting to climb the corporate ladder. “Therefore, this is an opportunity to talk about your career achievements within the company and demonstrate why you are fit for the role,” she advices.

If you are looking for a job promotion, expect the following interview questions and answers

Interview Question & Answers For A Job Promotion

1. What Are Your Achievements?
According to Ms Mwendwa, in this question, the interviewer wants to know what you have achieved in your current role that makes you an ideal candidate for the promotion. The possibility for nailing a promotion at your current company will depend on the contract you had with your employer, according to Ms Mwendwa.

“For instance, if the contract mentioned that you have KPIs to implement, you have to prove your worthiness to the promotion by referring to it,” she explains.

“Also, your performance appraisal is another important aspect that needs to be considered and again based to the contract. Some companies have under their policies to conduct performance appraisals after a certain period of time,” she adds.
By any means, Ms Mwendwa says that you should talk about your accomplishments, what you achieved as well as what you have implemented in your current position.

Check Out the Sample Interview Answer Below
My greatest accomplishment is winning the employee of the year award. I introduced and created an efficient file retrieval system which enabled the company to have a proper record keeping structure.

2. Why Do You Want This Promotion?
“When faced with this interview question, use it as an opportunity to talk about your career development and how far you have grown,” advices Ms Mwendwa. “Since you are not a new candidate, master the position well and know what the company is looking for,” she elaborates.

Also, she adds that it is important to explain to the interviewer that you are at the peak of your career and how you have grown from point A to point B and that you need a new challenge. “Talk about the skills you gave gained which are directly relevant and related to the position you are looking for,” she says.

This can be explained in the sample interview answer below
I am the best candidate for the promotion because this position aligns well with my skills and experiences i gained over the last year. You are looking for someone who can manage the Marketing department across all functions, and i believe my past experience in the company makes me an ideal candidate.

3. What Do You Know About Our Department?
According to Ms Mwendwa, this is a very important question for most candidates because you are interviewing at a company you are familiar with.

The interviewer wants to know your level of understanding of the organization. As opposed to a new candidate who is interviewing for the fast time, you have an advantage because you have been in the company long enough to understand how it operates.

Explain how your qualifications and experience can add to the company’s goals and aspirations within the position you are looking for. Highlight why you are a good fit for the position with this sample interview answer

PXZ is a very progressive organization committed to serving its customers and that is exactly what i am looking for. I want to work for an organization that is expanding and taking on new challenges.

Finally, remember as an internal candidate, you have an idea of how the company operates so use that knowledge to your advantage when answering these interview questions.