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Love Travelling? 6 Professions That Will Guarantee That

Posted by | June 19, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Selipha Kihagi

Are you a travel junkie wondering which career to pursue that will allow you to visit different places every now and then? Or Do you constantly dream about traveling to various parts of the country or world but don’t have time because of your crazy working schedule?

Well, some professions will make that dream a reality. You will be paid to stay in very nice hotels, meet new people and enjoy different cuisines.

1. Flight Attendant
The job requires that you are in a different place every single day, that you are meeting different people on a daily basis and constantly interacting with them. You don’t have to worry about the boredom that comes with seeing the same people at all times, like you would in an office. Every single day has its own adventure.

2. Driver
Have you put this in your never-to-do list? If you have, its time you cross it off the list because being a driver can be the gateway to you travelling around. All you have to do is chose the right organisation or right people to work for, and your job will a daily adventure.

3. Photography
This is one of the professions that pays very well today. Photographers are no longer the ‘guy with a camera’ at weddings, they are professionals getting a handsome pay to take your pictures in some of the best sceneries across the country and are even contracted for out of the country projects.

4. Personal Assistant
If you do not have a problem handling your bosses diary and running petty errands for him/her for a chance to travel, then this is another good choice. However, you must be choosy with this profession. Your travel depends on the person you are assisting, he/she has to be travelling regularly.

5. Audit
Anyone working in an audit firm will tell you stories on their adventures in different parts of the country and if the company is big, then even other countries. For internal auditors though, not so lucky on this one because travel opportunities are not as many.

6. Journalism
Being a journalist is not just an 8 to 5 job, it involves a lot of travel as you have to meet different people so you can tell their stories. You are also sent to different counties and countries on assignments, and your stay is always catered for. All you need is to find an area you love and be best at it.

These are just but a few, know of others? You can always add.