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Stressed At Work? The Best Way To Relieve Burnout

Posted by | May 8, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

How to Handle Workplace Burnout

By Kennedy Okoth

TGIF! This term is common among the youth at the end of every week. It shows that everyone needs some relaxation after a tiresome week.

At the one point or another, employees tend to be overwhelmed with their duties in their workplaces and see their productivity reduce contrary to their previous performance.

This might not necessarily be the end of the week. It occasionally happens even if you are in your dream job and does not mean that you have lost interest in the field. If this happens, you are probably experiencing burnout.

How Know If You Are Experiencing Burnout

Most people go through this subconsciously and end up working even harder to achieve their previous ‘form’. This only makes it worse.

Therefore, how does one know that he/ she is experiencing burnout? Common to most employees, the first sign is loss of motivation in conducting your day-to-day activities.

Besides lack of motivation, there are also exhausting and frustrations being the major pointers towards a possible burnout. In this state you are not doing much in terms of productivity and need take a break.

The Best Way To Handle Burnout

Different people have different ways of relaxation that works best for us. It might be music, traveling, sight-seeing, swimming, hanging out with friends, or even sports.

Pick out one that suits you and have fun. There is a reason why leave days and weekends are there, right? Make the best of it since this will not only benefit you but also your productivity at work once you resume