5 Fast Ways on How To Get Ahead In Your Career Starting Now

Posted by | October 22, 2016 | careers

By Lilian Wamaitha

So you have gone through all the hustles of a job search and have finally landed your dream job. How do you move on from here? How to you grow your career to rise to a management position? All these are questions everyone needs to ask themselves. Basically, the main reason we chose our careers wisely is so that we may end up doing what we love. That way, we may wake up every morning looking forward to another day in the office because that’s simply where you would rather be. Nobody wants to be the only person in the office who will never get a promotion.

Having the right attitude to succeed cannot not only take you far in your chosen career path but can also be a door to so many other opportunities. You may even end up working for that multinational company you have always dreamt of. Wouldn’t that be nice? Here are therefore a few tips on how to stay ahead in your chosen career path and to keep growing in general.

1. Having the right mindset

Making clear career goals will enable you forge ahead in your career. Having the knowledge required to perform your duties to the best of your ability is the first step towards career growth. For instance you may have extensive knowledge in finance making you the ideal candidate when a finance position comes up in your organization. You need to go out of your way and gain more knowledge in your industry. Don’t fall into a comfort zone expecting things to happen their way. The current corporate world we are in does not work like that. Your actions indeed need to speak louder than your words.

2. Positive emotional outlook

Any career expert will tell you that holding on to your past does more harm than good. If you are the kind of person who holds on to things that happened in the past, you end up translating the same thing in your job. Say for instance you used to work in a company where the good things you need were never recognized but only the wrongs. This is not the time to decide to be arrogant and not make any effort in your current jobs since you feel that there is no need to try and you end up lagging. Instead be diligent in what you do, and who knows, someone will notice your effort and you may end up being the department head.

3. Have a mentor

One other way of making it in your chosen career path is to have someone you can look up to. Mentors go a long way in shaping who we become in future. You need to get someone in life you can look up to who has made it in their chosen career. This might be a professional contact, a family member or a friend from campus who has made it in their career.

4. Take failures as challenges to grow

Naturally no career is a smooth sailing all the way. Along the way you will encounter failures and disappointment. You will encounter rogue bosses or supervisors who make your life a living hell or that colleague at work who seems you can’t get along with. But do you allow anyone to define your life? Many of us are in the habit of treating failures as setbacks in life. We end up getting discouraged and not putting in as much effort in our jobs as we used to. When you chose the career you are in it’s because it’s what you wanted to do with your life. So what is the right way to deal with setbacks and failures? Always treat failures and setbacks as opportunities to grow and improve yourself. In short have that mental attitude that you can do anything no matter what comes along your way and who knows how far you will go in your career.

5. Have a thriving social life

Don’t be too stuck in your career that you forget yourself. There are instances when we are so much focused in our work that we end up messing up our social life. A little fun along the way has never hurt anyone. Learn how to make friends and have an amazing social life. After all, you need to think about other things rather than just those reports on your desk. Take time to have coffee with friends, cook yourself a delicious meal while sipping a glass of wine. Go and have mad fun with that gang of friends who are always asking you to loosen up. Go out on a date and meet the love of your life. It is only this way, you are able to face that weekday ahead with so much enthusiasm and strength carry out your duties diligently.

We all want to have a thriving career path. To have that managerial job and enjoy better benefits like a company car, travel allowance or good medical insurance. You can only grow in your career by having a holistic life and practicing all those tips mentioned above.