7 Do’s and Dont’s That Will Help You Land a Job in Kenya Faster

Posted by | October 18, 2016 | Scholarships_CareerTips

By Susan Gitonga,

You can land a job you applied for last week, today. You can make it to the shortlisted candidates’ page. It can happen sooner than you expect, and even overnight! Get it first hand, from a person who got a job with very little working experience and at an age that would be disqualified by most. The simple trick is to stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter how young you may be, or how inexperienced you consider yourself. Employers most often are looking for that extra factor in a candidate. You can be extraordinary.

Here are 7 Quick tips that will help you win:

1. Do Shift the Focus from what you need to what you can give

Instead of looking for a job to gain, look for a job with the mind of giving. Ask yourself “What can I give to this company? How can I be an asset to them using my skills and abilities?” Then write it in your cover letter. Tell your employer exactly why they need you and what you can do for them. Support these answers with figures and references. E.g. If you’re applying for a Creative Job like Videography, show them links to videos you have filmed and include how you can

2. Do Overcome Your Fears

The fear of not being called for an interview, the fear that your CV will be rejected or the fear that you’re unqualified is a limiting factor that is stopping your from reaching your maximum potential. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Apply like never before, day in, day out. You want a job therefore go for it!

4. Don’t assume that Your Experience will speak for itself!

Every candidate applying with you has some level of experience also. You have to be unique, which is why a Cover Letter is your best friend. Talk about your extra abilities on your Cover Letter as you take every chance to sell yourself to the employer. Show off your expertise.

4. Don’t pass on something just because it doesn’t fit with an exact picture you had

Opportunities come wrapped in different gift papers. Don’t dismiss an opportunity because it’s a small company or because you feel too ‘classy’ for a certain company that is not ‘posh’ or well known. Whichever opportunity presents itself to you might be just what you need to take you to the next level. Stay humble.

5. Do Choose to stay positive even if the search is taking longer than you’d like.

Applications take even months until they are reviewed. Be patient and stay positive. When you don’t get feedback, that’s not the end of the road, its in fact an opportunity for you to apply for a better opportunity that will present itself.

Most job seekers give up after sending two applications without much avail. Stay positive and keep believing that your job is a round the corner. It shall come.

6. Don’t Just Sit There, do something!

As you do your job search, engage in other activities that build you skills. You can decide to volunteer at a firm as an intern. You can start your own blog if you’re a writer, you can start volunteer as a treasurer in your Church if you’re an accountant. Engage in activities that help you use your skills. You never know where this could land you.

7. Do Network and ask for help!

Attend events, print out your business cards and dish them out to relevant people. Endeavor to learn as much as you can from those who are already established in the career you’re interested in. Let go of that fear and look out for your best interests. Ask for help from your friends and family who have great networks. Simply put yourself out there and be confident about yourself.

In order to land a job in a society like ours, you must be vigorous and determined to have breakthrough! You can do it by working hard on improving your personal brand, letting go of fear and doubt, never giving up, asking for help and selling yourself as you make those applications. You will get noticed, and someone will want to hire you. Stay positive.