Best Sample CV For An Entry Level Banking Job

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“I do not know how to write a good CV….” is what 85% of entry level candidates reveal. With the current tough job market, a perfect CV is necessary for a candidate to land a job. If you have trouble structuring your CV and landing a job, have a look at this sample:

Sample CV for an entry level Banking job

Entry Level Banking Job Seeker
P. O. Box 558- 00100 Nairobi
Tel: 0788 888999
Email: [email protected]

Profile Summary
As a Finance professional currently undertaking my Bachelors of Commerce at university of ABC, I have am currently working as an SME Banker with more experience from an internship with a micro finance institute.

This experience has enabled me to develop not only specific experience related to the banking industry but also valuable skills in this dynamic sector.

Presently seeking a position in your bank where I can bring immediate value and develop my current skill set further.

Personal Details
Date of Birth: 30th February 1989
Marital Status: Single

Educational And Professional Qualification

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration and Microfinance), ongoing, University of ABC
  • Diploma in Banking, XYZ College 2011
  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, TTT High School, Grade B+

Professional Profile

  • Experience in Marketing of loans and analyzing respective financial needs for individual clients
  • Sound knowledge of credit and financial products
  • Huge knowledge of bank and sales procedures
  • Ability to interpret financial requirement for retail clients
  • Ability to work according to client expectations
  • Ability to work independently, meet deadlines and obtain results
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proficient in completing all work according to deadline
  • Proficient in Ms-Word, Excel, Power point, Publisher, Outlook ,Access, Internet, basic installation &maintenance
  • Detail oriented and flexible

Work Experience
SME Banker
ABC Bank, November 2014 – To date

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing own sales production performance and implementing corrective actions to achieve target objectives;
  • Proactively driving sales through a combination of advertising, customer referrals and viral marketing (word of mouth).
  • Contributing to the profitability of the branch by meeting individual sales targets set by management;
  • Effectively achieving set sales targets by actively and proactively identifying of opportunities;
  • Attending the daily planning and review meetings.
  • Ensuring compliance by branches with ABC Bank standards and regulatory requirements pertaining to Money
  • Laundering and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies.
  • Embed process for Suspicious Activity/Transaction Reporting or escalation in the portfolio branches/units.

Teller Intern
EFG Micro Finance Institute, January 2014 – April 2014

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisted customers in transacting.
  • Performed due-diligence on documentation and KYC (know your customer) checks before payment of cash to customers
  • Prepared deposit slips for the daily banking of cash
  • Reconciled cash in hand and system entries as well as daily reporting.
    Prepared requests for working float funding from the Accountant via the branch supervisor


  • Managed to have an availability of float at all times
  • I was voted best employee of the year for giving quality service to clients proven by minimal customer complaints

Interest And Hobbies

  • Reading industry publications concerning the banking industry
  • Traveling to new places in search of new ideas


Please feel free to contact the under mentioned in regard to my competence, work ethic, performance and / or any other aspect with respect to me:

Referee A

Referee B