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Interview Tips: 5 Key Situational Sample Questions & Answers

Posted by | May 13, 2015 | Scholarships_CareerTips

Interview Tips

At one point in an interview, the interviewer may ask you about a perceived situation within the organization and how you would go about it.

This question always tends to throw candidates off track as they neither expect it, nor did they prepare for it. The main reason for a situational question in an interview is to shift precedence from a candidates’ past performance as highlighted in the CV to his/ her future performance

These are some of the top thematic areas in situational questions.

Situational Interview Questions & Answers

1. Leadership.

The employer will always want to know how one can handle being in control. This is common in interview for middle or top level positions, but occasionally pops up in junior positions too.

For example: What would you do if fellow colleagues are embroiled in conflict and it affects the productivity of the firm? The ideal answer should portray the essence of leadership ability.

For instance; “I would engage the two to find the source of the conflict so as to resolve it, but if it fails I would involve the immediate senior employee.”

2. Privacy.

Questions based on privacy are always associated with the company and its secrets. Every company would like to have sensitive information kept confidential.

For example: A rival company offers to pay you more if you leak their some documents to them. How do you handle this?

The best answer would be: “I would uphold the company’s secrets and decline the offer before letting my supervisor know.”

3. Time Management.

The interviewer may ask you a set of questions in this line just to gauge your resource management skills, time being one of them.

An example of a question crafted in this manner could be: “Your supervisor gives you a report to compile in two hours and later you realize it is not possible in the given time limit.

What do you do? This would ideally be answered as follows: “I would approach him/ her and raise the concern with him in trying to find an alternative solution.”

4. Sample Interview Questions on Team Work.

Every employer expects coordination among his/ her employees as this is vital in the firm’s productivity. Always expect to find such questions in interviews. This question basically serves to test the candidates’ ability to work in a team.

For instance, “How would you motivate members of your department?” Here, an ideal response would be: “ I would freely engage with them to create a friendly working environment.

5. Morality.

Questions based on morality are most common in NGO job interviews. This majorly purpose to gauge your moral standards.

For example: “What would you do if your boss threatens to fire you if you decline his/ her sexual advances?”

An ideal response would be: “I would decline the offer and raise the issue with the Human resource office.”

This questions always serve in gauging ones ability that are not highlighted in his/ her CV.